Recycling services in Singapore

Why throw away your recyclables, when you can exchange it for cash and reduce the amount going to our incineration plants?

We provide commercial recycling services and facility waste management services. Ad-hoc, weekly, or monthly collection services are available, designed to suit your needs.

Types of recyclables we handle:

  • E-waste – Computer, Laptop, Desktop, Server, Aircon, Machine Pump
  • Metal – Ferrous and Non-ferrous
  • Paper – Black and White, Old Corrugated Cartons, Magazines, Mixed Paper
  • Plastic – PE Film, PS Reel, IC Tube, IC Tray

Types of recycling services

Recycling Programme

Unsure how to kick start recycling programs in your workspaces?

Convenient Self Drop-Off

Self drop-off at our warehouse

Ad-Hoc Recycling Service

One-off collection / pick-up service at your location

Scheduled Recycling Service

Consistent regular collection – Daily, Weekly or Monthly

Recycling Programme Consultation

$0per consultation

  • Papers / Plastics / Metals
  • We encourage good recycling habits, and aim to increase recycling rates through recycling programmes.

Recyclables: 1kg - 500kg

$30per trip

  • Papers / Plastics / Metals
  • We collect the recyclables from your location
  • To cover for transportation and manpower costs, there will be no cash rebates for the recyclables.

Is it recyclable?

Unsure what can be recycled? Drop us an email or whatsapp enquiry with the following details:
  • Type of recyclable
  • Quantity avaliable (Pallets / Boxes / Bags – or simply attach a photo!)
  • Location