Cash for Trash
Recycling Services in Singapore

In 2022, Singapore’s overall recycling rate has increased slightly from 55% (2021) to 57% (2022).

Instead of throwing recyclables away, why not recycle with us and reduce the amount going into our incinerators and landfills?


Types of recycling services

(applicable for recyclables: e-wastes, paper, metals, industrial plastics)

We provide commercial recycling services and facility waste management services. Ad-hoc, weekly, or monthly collection services are available, designed to suit your needs.

Recycling Programme

Unsure how to kick start recycling programs in your workspaces?

We guide you.

We encourage good recycling habits and provide guidance on implementing proper recycling programs to increase recycling rates.

Convenient Self Drop-Off

No minimum weight required.
Self drop-off at our warehouse located at 53 Ubi Ave 1 #01-38

We pay you.

Receive cash rebates for your recyclables based on the prevailing market rates.

Ad-hoc Collection Service

Chargeable service.
Pick-up from your location
(office / industrial).

You pay us.


No cash rebates for your recyclables.

Regular Collection Service

Recyclables above 500kg.
Pick-up from your location
(office / industrial).

We pay you.

Receive cash rebates for your recyclables based on the prevailing market rates.

Additional charges apply for:

  • Shredding services, disposal of office documents / mixed papers / carbon papers / unsorted papers, disposal of general & wood wastes, furniture or bulky items
  • Buildings with difficult accessibilty, or carparks with height limitations
  • Out of way / Town / CBD / Sentosa / Jurong Island / Shipyard / Changi Air Freight Cargo Complex areas, prices for ad-hoc collection starts from $150/trip

Types of recyclables we handle

Computer, Laptop, Desktop, Server, Aircon, Machine Pump

Scrap hard disk drive recycling in Singapore
Scrap Network Switches Recycling in Singapore
Scrap CPU Recycling in Singapore
Scrap CPU heat sink recycling in Singapore
Scrap CD rom drive recycling in Singapore

Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals

Scrap copper pipe recycling in Singapore
Scrap 729 Insulated Copper Wires Roll Recycling in Singapore
Scrap Aluminium Can Recycling in Singapore
Scrap aluminium extrusion moulds recycling in Singapore
Scrap Iron Recycling in Singapore

Black and White, Old Corrugated Cartons, Newspapers and Magazines

Scrap Newspaper Recycling in Singapore
Scrap Carton Recycling in Singapore
Scrap Magazine, Brochure and Catalogue Recycling in Singapore
Scrap Carton on pallet Recycling in Singapore
Scrap Mixed Paper Recycling in Singapore

PE Film, PS Reel, IC Tube, IC Tray, Plastic Resins

Scrap IC Tray Recycling in Singapore
Scrap IC Tube Recycling in Singpaore
Scrap PS Reels Recycling in Singapore
Scrap Wafer box recycling in Singapore
Scrap PE flim recycling in Singapore

E-Waste Recycling

When disposed inappropriately, electronic waste is a huge pollution to the environment.

Metal Recycling

Metal is one of the most recycled material in the world due to the ease of recycling.

Paper Recycling

Incorporating a mixture of recycled paper fibre reduces the amount of virgin paper required.

Plastic Recycling

Plastic identification codes are developed to help identify their material type, and does not mean that the plastic is recyclable.

Recycling Services FAQs

Do you collect from residentials / households (HDBs, landed properties, condos and apartments)?

Due to the current covid situation, we have ceased all household collections until further notice.

Why is the Ad-Hoc collection a chargeable service?

Ad-hoc collections are chargeable so as to cover for the increased transport and manpower costs.

If your items for collection is less than 300kg, we recommend you to either:
1) Recycle at the commingled blue recycling bins or
2) Bring it down to us for single-stream recycling

  • For HDB estates, commingled blue recycling bins are placed in open areas that are convenient and accessible to the residents.
  • For private landed estates, a commingled blue recycling bin is provided to each house.
  • For industrial areas and offices, you can check if the bin centers are able to handle your recyclables.

This will greatly reduce the carbon footprint incurred from the transportation of your recyclables.

Why is the recycling of office documents / mixed papers chargeable?

Recycling of office documents / mixed papers / carbon paper is chargable due to labour costs required for sorting the papers, which is very labour and time intensive .

Are there any other additional charges for ad-hoc doorstep collection services?

For ad-hoc doorstep collection services, additional charges apply for

  • Out of way areas, Town, Sentosa, CBD, Jurong Island, Shipyards, and Changi Air Freight Cargo Complex
  • Building Accessibility: No loading bay / forklift / cargo lift, or stairs climbing required
  • Carparks with height limitations below 3.2m, as our regular recycling trucks will not be able to enter.

Do you provide carton boxes, gunny sacks or recycle bins for the recyclables?

No, we do not provide carton boxes, gunny sacks or recycling bins at the moment. Recyclables have to be removed from shelvings, and have to be boxed, tied or palletized before pickup for ease of removal.

If a recycling bin is preferred, you can purchase a recycling bin from us for your recycling needs.

Do you collect consumer plastics (PET water bottles, food containers) or clothes?

No, we do not collect consumer plastics or clothes at the moment due to the high rates of contamination.

However, we do collect industrial plastics (single type of plastic and not a mixture of different plastics), in bulk – more than 500kg.

Can I recycle my confidential items? However, they might require shredding or incineration.

Confidential items are handled differently, and does not fall under our recycling services.

Shredding and incineration services are chargeable services, you can refer to our Secure Data Destruction Services for more information.

What can I recycle? What other items do you collect?

We generally accept the following:-

  • Papers
    – Accept: Carton boxes, black and white papers, newspapers and magazines.
    – Do not accept: Arch files and papers that are not tearable, papers with a plastic layer, or carbon paper.
  • Metals
    – Accept: All types of metals without contamination.
    – Do not accept: Standing fans.
  • E-Wastes
    – Accept: CPUs, laptops, network switches, and servers.
    – Do not accept: Printers, monitors, photocopiers, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, speakers, and home appliances.
  • Industrial Plastics
    – Accept: Certain single types of industrial plastics in bulk of more than 500kg.
    – Do not accept: Consumer plastics (PET water bottles / food containers / plastic bags).
  • Clothes / Curtains / Fabric
    – Do not accept.

If you are still unsure of what can be recycled, do drop us an email at [email protected].

When can I drop off my recyclables at your warehouse?

You can drop it off during our operating hours:
Mon – Fri: 9am – 6pm
Sat: 9am – 3pm

53 Ubi Ave 1, #01-38,
Paya Ubi Industrial Park, S(408934)

Contact Us:
6844 1323