General Waste / Bulky Item Disposal Services


Gee Hoe Seng Open Top Container for Recyclables and Waste Disposal

Ad-Hoc Disposal Services

Regular Disposal Services

For regular / contract-based disposal services, contact us at [email protected] for bulk disposal rates.


The above is pricing for general waste disposal only. Disposal of non-incinerable wastes are not allowed.

Examples of non-incinerable wastes are:
– Toxic Wastes
– Chemicals / Liquids
– PVCs
– Gas Containers / Canisters
– Construction Wastes
– Tyres
– Refer here for the full list of non-incinerable wastes.

Kindly contact us at [email protected] if you require a quote for disposal of non-incineratble wastes.

General / Rubbish Waste / Bulky Item Disposal Services FAQs

What are the avaliable sizes of your open top container?

For disposal of general wastes, we recommend the bin size: 16ft x 8ft x 6ft (4.8m x 2.4m x 1.80m)

How are disposal costs calculated?


  • Below 3 tonnes
    Total = $550/trip before
  • Above 3 tonnes
    Eg: If 5 tonnes of general / bulky wastes are disposed, total cost would be
    First 3 tonnes = $550
    Additional 2 tonnes = Incineration Cost $130/tonne * 2 tonnes = $260
    Total = $810/trip
    Prices quoted are before gst of 9%.

Are there any additional charges?

Additional charges apply for

  • Out of way areas – Sentosa / Jurong Island / Shipyards
  • Additional manpower requirements to fill the open top container
  • Usage of containers for more than 3 days
  • Disposal weighing more than 3 tonnes
  • Truck in and out on Sunday or Public Holiday, or after working hours

Can I request for a disposal certificate?

Disposal certificates can be issued by the incineration plants, and are chargeable at $17 per certificate. Do inform us three working days in advance if you require disposal certificates.

Can I bring my items directly to your warehouse to dispose?

We currently do not accept walk-in disposals at the moment.

My compound does not allow the container to be placed here for a long period of time. Can I request for a truck in or truck out the container on a Sunday or Public Holiday?

Additional costs apply for a truck in or truck out required on Sunday or Public Holiday.