Horticulture Waste Disposal / Recycling Services

Refers to tree trunks, branches, twigs and leaves.
Unloading horticulture wastes to be recycled

Ad-Hoc Disposal Services

Transportation Cost
$150 per round trip
Disposal Cost
$70 per tonne of waste disposed

Regular Disposal Services

For regular / contract-based disposal services, contact us at [email protected] for bulk disposal rates.

Horticulture Waste Disposal / Recycling Services FAQs

Can I dispose/recycle horticulture wastes directly at your warehouse?

We currently do not accept direct drop-offs at the moment.

Why do I have to pay for horticulture wastes recycling?

Due to the high cost of recycling and processing horitculture wastes, horitculture waste recycling is chargeable.

What happens to the horticulture wastes after?

Horitculture wastes are either used to generate electricity, or for composting.