Data Destruction Services in Singapore

We provide commercial secure data destruction services in Singapore, for storage media and confidential documents.

  • Secure shredding
  • Secure data wipe
  • Secure data degaussing

Ad-hoc, weekly, or monthly collection services are available, designed to suit your needs.

Data Wipe

Data wiping is where data is being overwritten with zeros and ones by using a software. All data will be completely and permanently cleared, and the storage media is ready for reuse.
  • Hard disk drives

Data Degaussing

Degaussing is the process where the storage media is exposed to a strong magnetic field to completely remove data. After degaussing, the storage media will no longer be useable.
  • Hard disk drives

Secure Shredding

Shredding is the process of physically destroying the storage media or confidential documents into small pieces, so that the data is completely destroyed.
  • Hard disk drives & confidential documents