Wooden Pallet Disposal Service in Singapore

Wooden pallets are classified as wood wastes. Disposal of wood is chargeable and subjected to disposal fees.

Please note that different charges apply to the disposal of wooden crates, and disposal charges for wooden crates are usually higher than that for wooden pallets. This is due to the larger size and weight of the crates, which makes them more difficult to handle and transport.

Ad-Hoc Disposal Services

Disposal charges are based on the number of wooden pallets disposed.

1 – 30 pc: $150 per trip
31 – 100 pc: $360 per trip
101 – 200 pc: $490 per trip

Regular Disposal Services

For regular / contract-based disposal services for wooden pallets, contact us at [email protected] for bulk disposal rates.

Wooden Pallet Disposal Services FAQs

Can I dispose wooden furnitures at this cost too?

The prices stated here are for the disposal of wooden pallets only.

Can I give you the wooden pallets for free?

Wooden pallet disposal is a chargeable service.

Can I dispose wooden pallets directly at your warehouse?

We currently do not accept walk-in disposals at the moment.

Are there any additional charges?

Additional charges apply for

  • Out of way areas – Town, Sentosa, Jurong Island, Shipyards, and Changi Air Freight Cargo Complex