Wooden Pallet Disposal Service in Singapore

Prices below are for the disposal of wooden pallets. Different charges apply for the disposal of wooden crates.

Ad-Hoc Disposal Services

Disposal charges are based on the number of wooden pallets disposed.

1 – 30 pc: $150 per trip
31 – 100 pc: $360 per trip
101 – 200 pc: $490 per trip

Regular Disposal Services

For regular / contract-based disposal services, contact us at [email protected] for bulk disposal rates.

Wooden Pallet Disposal Services FAQs

Can I dispose wooden furnitures at this cost too?

The prices stated here are for the disposal of wooden pallets only.

Can I give you the wooden pallets for free?

Wooden pallet disposal is a chargeable service.

Can I dispose wooden pallets directly at your warehouse?

We currently do not accept walk-in disposals at the moment.

Are there any additional charges?

Additional charges apply for

  • Out of way areas – Town, Sentosa, Jurong Island, Shipyards, and Changi Air Freight Cargo Complex
  • Additional manpower requirements to fill the open top container.
  • Open top containers that have to be put for more than 3 days in a location.