Precious Metal Recycling & Recovery

Precious metal recovery refers to the process where valuable metals, such as gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium, and rhodium are extracted from products like – electronic waste, industrial waste, and scrap jewelry. It is a complex process that requires specialized expertise.

Types of precious metals we handle

At Gee Hoe Seng, we aim to ensure maximum transparency and yield.
  • Gold (AU)
  • Silver (AG)
  • Copper (CU)
  • Platinum Group Metals (PGM) – Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium
Gold plated pins
Gold plated pins
Copper/Nickel/Palladium plated frames for copper recovery and recycling
Copper/Nickel/Palladium plated frames

Precious metal recycling & recovery process

The process of precious metal recovery & recycling often involves:-

  1. Assaying: Sample materials collected will be sent for assaying (analysis), where the purity and composition of materials can be accurately determined before the recovery process. This is an essential step as it helps to determine the value and quality of the materials.
  2. Collection of materials.
  3. Sorting the materials that contain precious metals.
  4. Chemical treat materials to separate precious metals from other materials. This involves using a series of chemical processes, including leaching, precipitation, and ion exchange.
  5. Refining: Once the precious metals have been extracted from the materials, they are refined to remove any impurities.