Pyrolysis Technology

Pioneering sustainable waste solutions by converting biomass wastes into carbon and green fuel.

Our pyrolysis system is able to handle various types of wastes / feedstock:

  • Biomass Wastes
  • Horticulture Wastes
  • Food Wastes
  • Plastic Wastes (PE & PP)


After the waste treatment process, waste feedstocks are disintegrated, leaving behind char. When organic feedstock is used, biochar is produced, which can be used to improve soil fertility and water filtration.


Pyrolysis Oil

Benefits of Pyrolysis

Multiple Waste Streams
From biomass to plastic wastes, we can process almost any kind of waste stream.

Reduce Incineration
Decrease the reliance of incineration and landfills.

Green Solutions
Sustainable solution in the long run.

Carbon Sequestration
Capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide.

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