List of non-incinerable waste

The following types of waste are non-incinerable and shall NOT be brought into incineration
1. Big appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators and air-conditioning units.
2. Big metal pieces such as large drums or containers, vehicular parts, metal chairs, wire
rope and spring mattress.
3. Bulky waste that consists of any of the following:
(a) a solid object exceeding 0.6 m in length or width or 0.1 m in thickness;
(b) a hollow object exceeding 0.6 m in length, width or height.
4. Carbon fibres.
5. Chlorinated herbicides, chlorinated insecticides and chlorinated fungicides.
6. Chemical waste with chemical content which is unsuitable for incineration.
7. Explosive or highly flammable waste such as ammunition, dry and wet carbide waste,
fireworks, self-igniting waste and excessive quantities of films.
8. Fire retardants.
9. Human and animal waste, sludge from neutralisation pits, foul-smelling waste and large
whole animal carcasses.
10. Insulation materials such as rock wool, asbestos, calcium silicate boards, ceramic fibres
and big carpets.
11. Large quantities of electrical parts and components such as printed circuit boards,
cables and electronic cards.
12. Light materials such as sawdust, feathers, dust and powders.
13. Liquid and volatile waste, oil sludge and paints.
14. Poisonous and radioactive waste.
15. Polychlorinated compounds such as Polychlorinated Bi-phenyl (PCB).
16. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) waste such as PVC pipes, plastic film, upholstery, containers
and packaging materials.
17. Smouldering refuse.
18. Toxic industrial waste specified in the Schedule to the Environmental Public Health
(Toxic Industrial Waste) Regulations (Rg 11).
19. Tyres.
20. Construction and renovation debris, earth, concrete, stone, sand, sludge, ash and slag.
21. Waste from grease interceptors.
22. Waste from sewerage systems, including waste from sewage treatment plants, septic
tanks and water-seal latrines.
23. Waste from sanitary conveniences not part of a sewerage system, including waste from
sanitary conveniences which are mobile or in ships or aircraft.