Metal Recycling


Metal is one of the most recycled material in the world due to the ease of recycling. Metals can be recycled indefinitely without losing its properties. 


In 2018, out of 1.27 million tonnes of ferrous metal wastes and 171,300 tonnes of non-ferrous metal wastes generated in Singapore,  99% (1.26 million tonnes) of ferrous metal wastes and 99% (169,600 tonnes) of non-ferrous metal wastes were recycled. 

There are two main categories of metals, ferrous and non-ferrous. Although ferrous metals are recycled in greater volumes, non-ferrous metals are more valuable. 

• Common non-ferrous metals (Non-Magnetic) are: Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Stainless Steel (304/316)

• Common ferrous metals (Magnetic, with Iron content) are: Iron, Stainless Steel (201)

Types of metal collected by Gee Hoe Seng Pte Ltd

• 201 Stainless Steel (China Steel)
• 304/316 Stainless Steel
• Aluminium ET
• Aluminium Others
• Aluminium Beverage Cans
• Brass
• Copper Wire
• Copper Pipe
• Copper Scrap
• Iron

Metal Recycling Process

Process of recycling metal is relatively simple. The scrap metals are heated it at high temperatures, poured and cooled in a cast, and moulded into metal sheets or bars for manufacturing new products.