Textile recycling in Singapore





In 2019, out of 168 thousand tonnes of textile, clothes and leather wastes generated, only 4% (6 thousand tonnes) were recycled.

With the rise of fast-fashion trends in the recent years, fast-fashion outlets are changing trends quicker than ever before, so as to generate more sales. The results, clothes that are not made to last and clothes that are going out of style sooner, leading to more clothes ending up in the bins. Most times, old clothes are exported overseas as second hand clothing.

We currently do not collect clothes and textile.

If accepted, clothes should always be:
• Clothes that are in good condition, not worn out, mouldy, wet, torn or damaged

Non-collectable clothes and textile items:
• Rags, Fabric and Cloths
• Company Uniforms and School Uniforms
• Curtains
• Blankets
• Bedsheets, Pillows and Comforters
• Bags
• Torn, damaged, mouldy wet clothes