Here’s our guide on how to recycle and sort your common aluminium items more effectively!


Aluminium is commonly found in beverage cans, window grills, and frames. It can be identified by its white-silver colour and its relative bendiness. How do you differentiate between Aluminium and Stainless Steel? They are both non-magnetic. However, aluminium is lighter and sound duller as compared to stainless steel.


Aluminium Used Beverage Cans (UBC – Used Beverage Cans)

For aluminium cans, after the contents have been emptied, it should be rinsed and flattened. The material must also be free of steel, glass and plastic contaminants.


Aluminium window grills, window frames, system furniture (Aluminium Extrusion – ET)

Extrusion is a very specific process of shaping aluminium. It is designed for long, straight pieces, with uniform size and shape from one end to the other. This consists of used, painted and unpainted aluminium extrusion. Contaminants like iron screws and attachments, rubber stoppers and plastic casings have to be removed. Prices of extruded aluminium is higher than normal aluminium.


Aluminium baking tins and pots, ladders, poster stands, whiteboards (Aluminium – Others)

For aluminium tins, baking tins and foil, wash out any food contaminants and it will be good to recycle. Ensure that all items are free of recycling contaminations – plastic, iron, and non-metallic items.


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