Ever wondered how much you would get for your recyclables?
Which are the most valuable items?

Not only is recycling beneficial for the environment, but you can also exchange your recyclables for money (cash for trash). Common recyclables found in households and offices are metal, plastics and paper.



Metal is one of the most profitable items to recycle, with non-ferrous metals (non-magnetic) like copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel being more valuable. Although ferrous metals (magnetic) like iron do not fetch as high value as non-ferrous metal, it is more commonly available.



Amongst the three categories, although paper is worth the least, it is the most common item found in our everyday lives. Carton boxes, packaging boxes and documents, these materials can be easily sorted and sent to the recyclers.


Is it worth it to recycle?

On the whole, recycling helps to conserve natural resources, reduces the amount of raw materials used, and reduces the amount of wastes being sent to the incinerators. Help save the environment and at the same time, earn extra cash. It is a win-win situation! Start recycling today!