Shipping & Chartering

The shipping part of GHS group has been established as part of synergy to support the trading functions and to expand the transport and logistics service to our clients in GHS since 1992.

Our company is based in Singapore, we have close partners from China and we work and operate ships with partners from India.

We are active in Ship Chartering, Cargo Brokering, Operation, Scrap & Recycling, Sales & Purchase. 租船,散杂/散货船 收货,拆船,买卖船。

We are targeting, projects, equipment, breakbulk, steel, and other structural cargoes for our shipping business. While also providing support on bulk and general cargoes for international commodity trading, such as coal, clinker, ore, grain, sand, bauxite, nickel ore, copper, steel, woodchips, and more.

We have operated routes between the Far East, China, South East Asia, India, Africa, the Persian Gulf, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, the USA, etc.

We hope to support your requirements.

Kindly send your shipping requirements to:-
Hannah, Chartering, Sg ofc
[email protected]
Mobile, WhatsApp: +65 9155 6857
Skype: Hannah.teorh