Why throw away your recyclables, when you can exchange it for money and reduce the amount going to our landfills?

We provide commercial recycling collections and facility waste management services. 

Unsure what can be recycled? Check out our recyclables listing to identify items you can recycle, or alternatively, drop us an email or whatsapp enquiry with the following details:

  • • Type of recyclable 
  • • Quantity avaliable (Pallets / Boxes / Bags – or simply attach a photo!)
  • • Location 
  • Note: Please ensure that recyclables are free from contamination.
    – Carton boxes; should be flattened, free from styrofoam and plastic contaminants.
    – Papers and documents; do advise if papers are in archfiles, or in plastic binders.
    – Catalogues and brochures; must not have a layer of plastic laminated coating.
    – Plastics; should not be a mixture of plastics, have to be free from stickers, labels, or attachments.
    – Metals; should be free from oil, foam and plastic attachments. 
Recycling Programme
  • How to kick start a recycling programme?
  • We offer free consultations!
Recyclables Collection
1kg - 1,000kg
  • Papers / Plastics / Metals
  • We do not pay for your recyclables
  • Pickup Charges: $30/trip
  • Alternatively, you can also bring the recyclables to our warehouse!
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Recyclables Collection
1,000kg and above
  • Papers / Plastics / Metals
  • We pay you for your recyclables
  • Pickup Charges: Free!
  • Recyclables are based on prevailing market rate