Styrofoam is not recyclable.

It is usually not recycled as it is expensive to transport, ship and store. Specialised recycling facilities are required to properly process it.

Scrap styrofoam recycling in Singapore

Styrofoams (EPS) – Being strong, lightweight and an effective insulator, it is often used in coffeecups, food take outs, and in protecting our items from impacts. It is usually not recyclable, as:-

1. EPS is expensive to transport, ship and store. It is made of 90% air, extreme bulky and often comes in odd shapes. When compressed, the actual yield is actually a lot lesser.

2. Contamination. It is difficult to clean styrofoam that is contaminated with food, drinks or chemicals as the material is so porous.

However, in places where there are EPS recycling facilities, clean EPS are compressed into bricks, and is then recycled to be made into toys, stationeries, and picture frames.

  • Styrofoam – Not recyclable.
    * Dependent on the recycling facility processing it. At Gee Hoe Seng Pte Ltd, we currently do not accept styrofoams for recycling.

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