Tinned copper wires are recyclable.

Always ensure that there are no contaminants or attachments.

Scrap Tinned Copper Wire Recycling in Singapore

Tinned copper wires are copper wires that are coated with a layer of tin, thus the sliverish appearance. Cut the wire and the cross sectioned section of the wire would tell you if it is copper or aluminium. Thinned coated copper wires will be slightly pink or red in color and not silver. Aluminium wires will have a silver cross section.

Thinned coated copper wires should always be without attachments.

  • Thinned coated copper wires (Insulated) – Recyclable
    A lower recyclable dollar value if insulation is not removed.
  • Thinned coated copper wires (Insulation removed) – Recyclable
    A higher recyclable dollar value is given when insulation is removed.

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