729 wires are recyclable.

Always ensure that there are no contaminants or attachments.

Scrap Copper Wire Recycling in Singapore
Scrap 729 Insulated Copper Wires Recycling in Singapore
Scrap Copper Wire Recycling in Singapore

729 copper wires are wires with 7 strands of copper wire beneath the insulation. It also includes wires with conductor areas – 1.5mm², 2.5mm², 4mm², 6mm². These wires are usually used for electrical installations and wiring.

729 copper wires should always be free from contaminants – other types of wires, plugs or attachments.

  • 729 Copper Wires (Insulated) – Recyclable
    A lower recyclable dollar value if insulation is not removed.
  • 729 Copper Wires (Insulation removed) – Recyclable
    A higher recyclable dollar value is given when insulation is removed.

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