E-Waste recycling in Singapore

With the rapid advancements in technology innovations and planned obsolescence, many products are designed with shorter lifespans. Consumers are purchasing and disposing off larger volumes of electronics and gadgets (Mobile phones, televisions, appliances, laptops and tablets), leading to electronic products and wastes being generated at an alarming rate.

When disposed inappropriately, electronic waste is a huge pollution to the environment as it contains a lot of potentially harmful and toxic components.

Types of electronic waste collected

Circuit Board, Motherboard, Hard Disk, RAM

Machine and Pumps

Air con (Blower and Compressor)

CPU, Laptop, Desktop, Monitor, Server

Recycling Services / Cash for Trash

E-waste recycling process

E-waste recycling is a very complex process. Different recycling methods will apply due to the different components involved,

In general, E-wastes are sorted and segregated into the different types. Those that can be refurbished or reused will be separated. The rest will be manually dismantled, and further separated into materials and components. The E-wastes components are then crushed, shredded, and sorted into the various recyclables (plastics, glass, circuit boards, ferrous and non-ferrous metals).